Kimberly Nguyen

Tax Lien / Tax Deed – FREE seminar in Sacramento

In News on May 6, 2011 at 5:10 am

If you haven’t signed up yet for our Tax Sale Investing seminar coming up on Saturday, May 21st from 9:30am – 4pm in Sacramento, I encourage you to sign up soon . . . like maybe right now!  Half the seats are already gone . . . even though we just kicked-off promotions mid-last week.

I guess a lot of people want to find out more about the lucrative, but little-known world of tax lien and tax deed investing.  And why not?  Especially if you can learn from someone who’s had major success and has been investing in this arena for over 15 years.

Remember, I’ve teamed up with one of the most successful Tax Sale investors in the country.  Someone who’s bought hundreds of properties at Tax Sales and has made a fortune from just this one source!

Here’s just a sample of what “Mr T” will be covering during the seminar:

  • An insider’s perspective on how government Tax Sales really work
  • The two types of government Tax Sales (tax lien certificates and tax deeds) fully explained and turned inside-out, and what you absolutely must know in order to start making immediate profits.
  • Separating fact from fiction … and blowing away the many myths and misconceptions about tax lien and tax deed investing
  • How to buy properties at 10-30 cents on the dollar
  • How to get whopping, double- and even triple-digit (yes, I said triple!) returns on your money – with total safety and little risk!  I know that’s hard to believe right now … but just be willing to suspend your disbelief right now until you get all the facts and see some real-live examples, fair enough?
  • Get access to dozens of “INSIDER” deals
  • The 7 most costly mistakes  most Tax Sale investors make
  • How to be a passive “armchair” investor and still get massive, eye-popping returns on your money — with very little risk!  That’s right … even if you’re just way too busy to take this on right now, we’ll show you how even the most time-starved investors can still create or grow their wealth through Tax Sale investing.
  • A step-by-step action plan on how to get started investing in government Tax Sales
  • A simple but powerful strategy for creating passive and recurring income streams from Tax Deed properties – without the hassles of being a landlord!  Yes, you can simply rent them out and be a landlord too if that’s what you really want … but this simple approach actually eliminates the need to deal with tenants and toilets!
  • Skyrocket your monthly cash flow or net worth by acquiring free & clear properties for ‘pennies on the dollar’ !
  • How to dominate every auction you attend
  • Going into warp-speed: How to use your IRA or 401k to invest in tax lien and tax deed properties … and grow your profits tax-free!
  • How to immediately get started investing in Tax Sale properties – regardless of your budget or situation!  Now if you’re already a millionaire, you’ll discover why Tax Sale investing is a favored strategy of the super-rich.  But even if you’re just starting out and don’t have much money to invest, you’ll learn how to start building your fortune with as little as a thousand dollars or less!
  • Discover where to get timely and valuable free information about upcoming Tax Sale properties so you never miss a golden opportunity!

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?  Whatever your situation or circumstances are, this is one seminar you can’t afford to miss!


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